At Digby’s, we live by our quality statement

”If you wouldn't buy it for your family, please don't sell it to their families”.

The produce team focuses on freshness and quality. Multiple produce shipments arrive each week ensuring your produce is fresh and crisp each day.

From organic to fresh cut, apples to bananas and everything in between, you know you are getting the best quality available, with growing options of certified organic produce, as well as local offerings from farmers in and surrounding Utah.

Each morning a large variety of signature salsas and guacamoles are made, fresh fruit and vegetables are chopped and packaged in store, bringing you the best for your family.

Here are some of our favorites!

  • Fresh cut fruits and vegetables, perfect for on the go or family parties

  • Fresh made salsa and guacamole each day.
  • Delicious freshly squeezed juices like orange, lemonades and limeades.

Produce Glosssary